Inter-religious Resources

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Web Sites of International Inter-religious Organisations

World Conference on Religions and Peace (New York, USA)

United Religions Initiative (San Francisco, USA

International Interfaith Centre (Oxford, England)

Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions (Chicago, USA)

The Elijah Interfaith Institute (Jerusalem, Israel)

Temple of Understanding (New York, USA)

World Congress of Faiths (Oxford, England)

International Association for Religious Freedom (Oxford, England)


Web Sites of Local, National and Regional Inter-religious Organisations

The Inter Faith Network for the UK

North American Interfaith Network

The Interfaith Encounter Association

Interfaith Center of New York (USA)

The Interfaith Alliance (USA)


Issues in Inter-religious Relations

Interfaith Youth Core

Global Dialogue Institute (Temple University, USA)

Foundation Global Ethic (Tuebingen, Germany)

World Faiths Development Dialogue

Peace Council

Project Interfaith


Inter-religious Journals

Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue

Studies in Interreligious Dialogue

The Interfaith Observer


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